What is PVA Sponge?

PVA sponge is a synthetic sponge essentially composed of Polyvinyl Alcohol. Its an open-celled highly absorbent porous material that wicks aqueous solutions quickly. It is compressible when dry, expandable when wet, has high tensile strength, good elongation and excellent resistance to most chemicals.

PVA sponge is hydrophilic and can hold up to 12 times its dry weight in water. Cell size can be varied depending on the required use the finer the cell the better the capillary action. The hydrated sponge can withstand temperatures approaching 70°C and when dry about 100°C

What are the benefits of PVA Sponge?

PVA sponge is effectively inert and will not, in itself, support microbial growth. Wet packed sponge can be treated chemically to inhibit mould and bacterial growth.

Our PVA sponge – made from Ramerfoam® – has been manufactured in the UK exclusively by Ramer Ltd since 1946. We were the first company to create and market a commercially viable synthetic sponge.

The interlinked cell structure of Ramerfoam® is perfect for any application where absorbency, durability and versatility are key.

PVA requires different handling and processing than other more widely used foams. As we have been manufacturing Ramerfoam® for over 70 years we have an unmatched technical expertise to assist our customers in product development.

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